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When return matters


We create value with exceptional efficiency

Housing construction

We offer investors very high quality residential portfolios and individual residential investment opportunities tailored to their specific needs, designed from carefully selected locations in growth centres, drawing on our partners' extensive portfolio of projects.

Our portfolios offer the best new asset returns for both foreign and domestic funds, pension funds, asset managers and real estate investors. Our portfolio combines profitably-designed, Eu-Taxonomy A energy buildings with good target locations and strong expected returns.

Ahti's properties are not "greenwashed", but all the energy solutions chosen significantly improve the yield levels of the properties.

We also provide our clients with high quality and cost-effective management of their portfolio or individual properties, including property management and property maintenance services.

Ahti Invest has developed residential portfolios of 50-120 M€, more are under development and we are currently collecting suitable properties.

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Ahti offers real estate investment portfolios and individual properties designed to provide innovative and attractive investment opportunities for both retail and grocery real estate investors. Our portfolio combines high quality commercial space, strong return expectations and a strategic investment approach.

We offer high-quality commercial space for a variety of uses, including retail space, shopping centres, commercial premises and other retail and grocery properties. We assemble a portfolio for the investor that includes a diverse range of properties in a variety of locations and sizes, offering investors the opportunity to diversify their investments.

Care Facilities

Ahti offers reliable and responsible care property investment through Ahti's care investment portfolios to funds, pension companies, asset managers and real estate investors. Our portfolio combines high quality care properties, strong expected returns and a focus on the client's individual wishes.

We offer a wide range of care properties in different locations and for different uses. The portfolio ranges from nursing homes for the elderly, residential care units for people with disabilities to day-care and health centre properties, allowing investors to choose the properties that best suit their investment strategy.

The focus of our care investment portfolios is to provide investors with steady, long-term returns. The rental income from residential care properties (quality tenants and long leases) is predictable and stable, providing investors with a safe investment with a high resale value.

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Who we are

About us

Ahti Invest is an innovative real estate developer that manages the entire development process from zoning to cost-effective project completion within the agreed timeframe.

Our project development projects range from entire housing fund portfolios to lighter individual projects and renovations.

Our clients include institutional investors as well as smaller investor groups. Over the past 8 years, we have built 20 different apartment buildings for various clients in Pirkanmaa, Turku and the Helsinki region.


We are owned by executive management and EVLI Plc.









Housing completed


Projects in development


In project development in Finland


We develop a range of residential, retail, care and hybrid portfolios for our clients.

Ahti develops investment portfolios for institutional investors such as funds, pension funds, asset managers and real estate investors. We serve developers, property owners and real estate developers by offering the possibility to have their own property included in portfolios or developed as a single property.


Care facilities

Regional and real estate development

Joint Venture

For construction companies



At the heart of our business are long-term, genuinely deep and mutual partnerships.


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