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Ahti develops various investment portfolios for institutional investors, such as funds, pension companies, asset managers and real estate investors. Our portfolio includes residential portfolios, retail portfolios, care portfolios and hybrid portfolios, as well as individual properties. We also offer solar power plants in various sizes on a turnkey basis. We serve developers, property owners and property developers by offering the opportunity to have their own property included in portfolios or developed as a single site.

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Ahti offers real estate investment portfolios and individual properties designed to provide innovative and attractive investment opportunities for real estate investors in the retail and grocery trade. Our portfolio combines high quality commercial space, strong return expectations and a strategic investment approach.

We develop high-quality commercial space for a variety of uses, including retail space, shopping centres, commercial premises and other retail and grocery properties. We assemble a portfolio for investors that includes a diverse range of properties in a variety of locations and sizes, offering investors the opportunity to diversify their investments.

If required, we also provide tenant management, property management and property maintenance services for the portfolio or individual property, ensuring optimal management and value growth of the investment.

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Ahti offers reliable and responsible care property investment through Ahti's care property investment portfolios to funds, pension companies, asset managers and real estate investors. Our portfolio combines high quality care properties, strong expected returns and a focus on the client's individual wishes.


We offer a wide range of care properties in different locations and for different uses. The portfolio ranges from nursing homes for the elderly, mental health services, assisted living facilities to day care and health centres, allowing investors to choose the properties that best suit their investment strategy.


The focus of our care investment portfolios is to provide investors with steady, long-term returns. Rental income from residential care properties is predictable and stable, with high quality tenants and long leases. This provides investors with a secure investment with a high resale value.


We are committed to supporting our investors in all aspects and needs of care property investment, from tenant acquisition to management and property maintenance.

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We develop tailor-made, high quality housing portfolios for investors, designed from carefully selected locations in growth centres, drawing on the extensive project portfolio of our partners. Our portfolios offer the best new home returns for both foreign and domestic funds, pension funds, asset managers and real estate investors. Our portfolio combines profitably designed A-energy buildings, good target locations and strong expected returns. Ahdin's properties do not make principled green choices, but all the energy solutions chosen significantly improve the yield levels of the properties.


All our new housing projects are EU taxonomy A energy class buildings, with features such as geothermal heating where possible, cooling, solar power on the roof, energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, remotely controlled car parking heating and charging points, and so on. We also provide our clients with high quality and cost-effective management of their portfolio or individual property, including property management and property maintenance services.

We also offer individual residential investment properties of different sizes in various locations in growth centres. These include both new build and existing ready-to-let properties, offering investors the opportunity to choose the right package for their needs.

Ahti Invest Oy has developed two residential portfolios (Luotsi Capital Oy/ Luotsi Asuntorahasto €50 million, and Evli Plc/ Evli Residential II Ky fund €120 million). A third portfolio is currently under development and we are currently collecting suitable properties.

Ahti develops each residential property according to its own strict criteria, and we do not take properties from auctions or developed by others. Our clients therefore always receive a high quality property developed by Ahti, with excellent yield characteristics and the best possible resale value.

We are committed to sustainable and responsible development practices that take into account environmental and social factors. We create attractive and welcoming buildings and neighbourhoods that contribute to the well-being of both residents and the surrounding community.

Contact us and start a successful residential investment with us!

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We provide comprehensive regional and real estate development services to a diverse range of clients, including foreign and domestic funds, pension companies, asset managers, real estate investors, developers and property owners.


Our services cover all stages of the site and property development process, providing our clients with a value-added and strategic partnership.


We provide expert strategic planning and consultancy services tailored to our clients' needs. We help identify potential development opportunities and create strategies to optimally exploit them.


We help our clients develop optimal investment strategies and optimise the risk/return profile of their real estate investment portfolios. Our goal is to create long-term value growth and stable returns on our clients' investments.


We promote the principles of sustainable and innovative construction in all our development projects. We create sustainable and comfortable environments that meet the demanding needs of both users and the surrounding community.


Involve Ahti in your regional and real estate development projects and benefit from our diverse expertise and strong network of real estate professionals.

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Ahti connects construction companies and investors. Ahti's unique business model enables individual projects to be integrated into large portfolios more easily than any other player in the market.


A phrase we often hear from construction companies is that they need to get a project off the ground. Ahdin's diverse property portfolio and extensive investor contacts provide an excellent opportunity for a developer to find a buyer for a project and get it moving.


Ahdi has a constant and accurate understanding of what is in demand and what the current investor requirements are. We provide construction companies with expert strategic planning and consultancy services from the outset of a development project. We help identify potential development sites and create strategies to make the most of them.


We carry out in-depth property assessments and analyses, providing developers with an accurate understanding of the potential and risks of their projects. This allows us to work together to ensure the profitability and success of projects.


Let's create winning projects together!

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Become our partner in joint venture investing! Ahti offers the opportunity to co-invest, where we can build a successful investment strategy together. Whether it's land plots, real estate developments, housing portfolios, care homes, commercial real estate or solar power plants, we are ready to create tailor-made investment solutions together and share returns according to the stakes.


Co-investment allows us to leverage the expertise and resources of both our clients and us, creating optimal investment opportunities and sharing the return and risk of the investment.


Contact us to discuss how we can build successful investment strategies together!



Ahti develops an energy portfolio for institutional investors by assembling a selection of solar power plants in different locations and sizes to meet the client's needs. A typical solar power plant is located in a field or forest floor, with the trees removed and the ground levelled to make it suitable for power plant use. Ahti can also develop an individual solar power plant for a customer on a turnkey basis. This includes a land lease agreement, a Turnkey Contract for the construction of the power plant with fencing, the necessary agreements with the regional grid company and a property maintenance contract for the management of the environment.


A solar power plant is the perfect option for investors looking for a sustainable and profitable investment in the energy sector. Join us in building a cleaner and more sustainable future!

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